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Arirang Korean Art Song: International Edition
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 35,000
USD 25.90
Author: Korean Art Song Research Institute
Publisher: Korean Art Song Research Institute
Pub. Date: Oct 2014
Pages: 337
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.26 x 11.65 x 0.9
ISBN: 9788927908586
Language: English
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Arirang, our folk song filled with our people's soul and regret! Arirang with joy, anger, sorrow and happiness in our people's lives!
I congratulate the Korean Art Song Research Institute on the publication of Arirang Korean Art Songs with 33 songs included.
Especially it provides IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) transcription to the songs to enable foreigners easily sing and global vocalists play
solos, ensembles, and choruses of them, which will serve as a momentum for our cultural assets to be introduced worldwide.
I would like to give an applause to Prof. Choi and the fellow researchers for sorting out our art songs and pouring out their passion into Arrirang.
- Park,Soo-Kil (Vice Chairman of Korea Classical Singers Association & Professor Emeritus, College of Music, Hanyang University)

It is a pleasure to meet other culture by music. More than that, it is a blessing, because cultures and arts are recreated by the flame flared as our runs on a level into
others' and we enjoy it as beneficiaries. Korean society is creating new songs penetrating the past and present, the East and West as well, as has formed an excellent convergence with other culture for food, clothing and shelter common in daily life. Arirang Art Songs composed in scores and being presented today are not of a narrow nationalism or stubborn regional music but of a grown-up attitude to attempt to meet other cultures and Western form of performance in such a process.
I would like to express profound gratitude and a big applause to Prof. Choi Young-Sik and the fellow researchers of the Korean Art Song Research Institute for the attempts
and achievements.
- Lee, Young-Jo ( Composer. Chairman of Board of Directors, Korean Arts & Culture Education Service Ministry of Culture & Sports)


Explanatory Notes

Arirang Explanation

Terms and Notation

Based on Falk song Arirang

1. Original Arirang
    New Arirang 
    Arirang Arirang
    Venice Arirang
2. Miryang Arirang
    Miryang Arirang
3. Gyeongsangdo Arirang
    Mungyeongsaejae Arirang 
    Gyeongsangdo Arirang
4. Jeongseon Arirang 
    Jeongseon Collage Arirang
    Jeongseon Arirang 
    Jeongseon Arari
    Long Ari
5. Jindo Arirang
    Jindo Arirang
Modern Arirang 

    Arirang Hill
    In the Arirang Land 
    Country Arirang 
    Arirang for Raising an Army 
    Dokdo Arirang 
    Mokpo Arirang 
    Riverside Arirang 
    Marketplace Arirang 


     May Arirang 
     Jeongseon Arirang 
     New Arirang 
     Seoul Arirang 
     New Miryang Arirang 
     Jindo Arirang 

Composer Profiles 

Hangeul Phonetic Transcriptions

Standard Korean Pronunciation Guide


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