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Joseon Dynasty: The Message from Ancestors
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 10,000
USD 7.59
Author: Lee Jinkun
Publisher: FandomBooks
Pub. Date: Jun, 2012
Pages: 231
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.7 x 8.26 x 0.59
ISBN: 9788994792392
Language: English
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As you see from the title, the purpose of this book is to introduce the wisdom and morality of Korean’s ancestors for the foreigners. Even though this book contains a little bit of our ancestors' messages, I am sure that it will help you to understand the way of how ancient Koreans thought and lived. I am really grateful for my family and my history teacher who have encouraged me to challenge this task. The most part of the passages used here, are from the book,《The Petition to the King》 (2010, Seoul: PYEONGDAN) written by LEE HOSUN, my father, to whom I particularly thank

Lee Jinkun

The author, LEE JINKUN
The author is a young student in his twenties whose favorite subject is history, and who wants to be a historian being able to make Korean‘s stories known to the world.

The messages from Ancestors, JOSEON Dynasty (English)


King's Diary
- Diary 1 Year 1392, July 28th
King TAEJO’s announcement at his Coronation
- Diary 2 Year 1399, October 8th
Mr. KWON GEUN’s advice on how to rule the nation
- Diary 3 Year 1401, January 14th
Mr. KWON GEUN’s second recommendations on how to rule the nation
- Diary 4 Year 1401, February 10th
The Procedure of Judgment should be followed
- Diary 5 Year 1405, August 22nd
Keeping Manners should be simple.
- Diary 6 Year 1406, July 26th
The advice and opinion on the administration from SAGANWON
- Diary 7 Year 1406, December 20th
The SAHEONBU's statement about the standards of evaluating local governors
- Diary 8 Year 1422, August 1st
The Advisory Statement for Relief Effort for Citizens Suffering from Natural Catastrophes
- Diary 9 Year 1423 May 17th
The Criteria of High Officers’ Designation
- Diary 10 Year 1425, February 2nd
The Request for Permission to Accuse Corrupted Governors
- Diary 11 Year 1425, December 10th
The Statement on Dealing with Illegal Actions Done by Founding Contributor's Descendants
- Diary 12 Year 1426, July 25th
The Impeachment Statement about Corrupted Governors
- Diary 13 Year 1433, July 27th
The Statement about Imposed Labor
- Diary 14 Year 1436, May 16th
The Petition for Punishment for Misreporting the Death Toll
- Diary 15 Year 1436, June 14th
Requesting more severe punishment for theft
- Diary 16 Year 1437, July 14th
The Request for the Permission to Punish the Descendants of National Patriots
- Diary 17 Year 1437, August 7th
Never Reappointing those Who Committed Illegal Wealth Accumulation and Ran Away
- Diary 18 Year 1439, February 1st
Banning Lawsuits in Front of the King
- Diary 19 Year 1439, May 3rd
Advisory Statement about the Need for Precision and Speed in Civil Procedure
- Diary 20 Year 1441, August 20nd
The Policy of Extracting Gold and Managing Gold Mines

Korean, Who's who
1. KWON GEUN (1352-1409)
2. MAENG SASEONG (1360-1438)
3. HWANG HUI (1363-1452)
4. YUN HO (1380-1436)
5. LEE HWANG (1501-1570)
6. LEE YULGOK (1536-1584)
7. LEE HANGBOK(1556-1618)
8. HEO MOK (1595-1682) and SONG SIYEOL (1607-1689)
10. JEONG YAKYONG (1762-1836)

Further Study
1. How could the liegemen communicate with their King in JOSEON?
2. How could JOSEON keep in recording daily lives more than 500years?
3. How could JOSEON protect themselves from neighboring enemies?
4. Why did JOSEON forbid people to live extravagantly?
5. How could JOSEON help people in need?
6. What was the most valuable virtue for officials in JOSEON?
7. What did JOSEON do to govern people more effectively?
8. What was the role of law in JOSEON?
9. What was the most valuable virtue for the King in JOSEON?
10. What was the social status of women in JOSEON?

The messages from Ancestors, JOSEON Dynasty (Korean)


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