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Diary of Dana in Korea
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 12,000
USD 8.88
Author: Koh Eunjeong *et al.
Publisher: Hawoo
Pub. Date: July 2014
Pages: 245
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6.1 x 8.8 x 0.5
ISBN: 9788976999764
Language: al
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learn korean language and culture with cartoon !

Diary of Dana in Korea is a book for basic and intermediate level learners who are beginning to be accustomed to Korean Life. The lives of foreign student Dana and Korean college student Areum in the cartoon allow the learning of a vivid Korean language and a lively Korea culture. This book was written in the hope of allowing Korean learners to be able to communnicate fluently and confidently.  Although this book is for basic and intermediate learners, there are some difficult vocabulary words in dialogues. In this case, refer to English, Chinese, Japanese translations at the bottom of each page.

Chapter 1 Let's go shopping

Episode 1. Myeong-dong, the place to shop
Cultural Tip How do we say clothing size in Korean

Episode 2. On a day when you want to look pretty 
Cultural Tip Let's find out useful information in beauty

Episode 3. Is there any cheap, light-weight laptop?
Cultural Tip Where should we go when we need something like this?

Chapter 2  Let's go to the hospital
Episode 4.  Being healthy is the best 
Cultural Tip Which hospital should we go to?

Episode 5. Korean medicine clinic 100% effective
Cultural Tip What kind of treatment can we get at the Korean medicine clinic?

Chapter 3  Let's refresh ourselves

Episode 6.  Dana's jaw-dropping change
Cultural Tip Let's find out which hairstyle fits you the best

Episode 7. I want to become fit
Cultural Tip How about trying going on a special diet?

Episode 8. K-pop concerts-the cure on gloomy days
Cultural Tip Shall we book a ticket to a concert?

Chapter 4 Let's go on a date
Episode 9. Insa-dong tour, encountering tradition in Seoul
Cultural Tip What can we enjoy in Insa-dong?

Episode 10. A hear-throbbing date in Gangnam 
Cultural Tip Let's find out attractive places in north and south of Seoul

Chapter 5Today is a special day

Episode 11. A company get-together
Cultural Tip Let's take a claser look at the get-together culture of Korea

Episode 12. One too many open houses for Dana
Cultural Tip What are some useful things to know about moving-houses in Korea?

Episode 13. I wish I could get married, too
Cultural Tip What are some things we should know in advance before going to a Korean wedding?

Chapter 6 Let's go on a trip
Episode 14. Let's go to Busan
Cultural Tip Let's find out some major festivals in Korea

Episode 15. Beautiful memories of Pyeongchang
Cultural Tip Are there any information we should know when booking accommodations in Korea?

* Vivid voices of the characters can be played through the MP3!


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