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Korean Phrase Book for Travelers
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 12,000
USD 8.88
Author: Kim Jung-sup et al.
Publisher: Hollym
Pub. Date: Nov 2012
Pages: 400
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 4.17 x 5.90 x 0.66
ISBN: 9781565914049
Language: English
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All the Words and Phrases You Need When Traveling in Korea

Korean Phrase Book for Travelers is designed to help foreign travelers in Korea directly communicate with Koreans while traveling. The book contains essential Korean expressions for those who want to make most of the Korean language for the various situations that you might encounter during a trip. Topics and situations are suggested in the same sequence as in a trip so you can easily look for the expressions you need.

In this book, reflecting the Korean colloquial form, the base ending form is “-아/어요” [-a/eoyo] which is currently often used in daily conversations. Also, the book carries some of the expected questions and answers that you might have in daily conversations so that you have a better understanding of interactive conversations. When pattern drill is possible with different words, substitute words are offered. Every sentence is accompanied by pronunciations and you will find a reference section at the back of this book which will extend your application.

Along with situational Korean expressions, the book contains a pronunciation and a grammar guide section to help you understand basic Korean sentence structure and grammar at the beginning of the book. Supportive pronunciation and reference guides, practical tips on Korean culture and etiquette which comes with each expression will also be a great help to the travelers. At the back of this book, you will be able to refer to the variety of Korean vocabulary.

Even more, all the Korean expressions in the book are spelled in the Roman alphabet to best guide you to correct reading and pronunciation. Foreign travelers in Korea could definitely better communicate with the aid of this book to best enjoy the beautiful country.

Learn the basic expressions needed for:

▶ Travel and Transportation
▶ Shopping, Sightseeing, and Services
▶ Food Lists and Restaurants
▶ Health, Medical, Emergency Situations
▶ Entertainment and Amusements


Preface _ 서문
Introduction to Korean _ 한글 기초 소개
Pronunciation Guide _ 발음 가이드
Grammar Guide _ 문법 가이드

BASIC EXPRESSIONS: Greetings Answering│Asking for Favors│Showing Appreciation│Apologizing│Asking a Question│Complimenting│Expressing Emotion
ENTRY INTO A COUNTRY: When Boarding│On the Plane│Flight Service│In-flight Problems│Transfer│Immigration│Baggage Claim│Customs│Tourist Information Center│Transportation
MONEY EXCHANGE: Locating Money Exchange│At the Money Exchange
AT THE HOTEL:To the Hotel│Reservation│Checking-in│Changing Rooms│With the Desk Clerk│Using Facilities│In the Room│Problems│Service│Ordering│Checking-out│Youth Hostel
MOVING AROUND TOWN: By Taxi│By Bus│By Subway│Moving Around
MOVING OUT OF TOWN: General Expressions│Express Bus│Train│Airplane
DRIVING: Renting a Car│Dealing with an Accident│Gas Station│Auto Repair│Parking│Road Signs│Asking Directions
COMMUNICATIONS: Telephone│Making International Calls│At the Post Office│Using the Internet
MEETING PEOPLE: Meeting for the First Time│After a Long Time│With Locals│Making New Friends│Making Appointments│Inviting│Turning Down Requests│Saying Good-bye
SIGHTSEEING: Asking about the Sights│Finding a Tourist Information Center│Ticket Purchase│Asking about Schedule│Taking Pictures│Tourist Service│Finding Location
EATING & DRINKING OUT: Locating Restaurants │Drinking Coffee and Tea│Street Food
SHOPPING: In General│Department Store│Duty-free Store│Jewelery│Clocks & Watches│Cosmetics Store│Music Store│Clothing Store│Souvenir Shop│Bookstore & Stationery Store│Shoe Store│Photo Studio│Supermarket│Local Products│Gift Wrapping│Exchange & Refund
ENTERTAINMENT: Exhibition│Cinema│Theater & Concert Hall│Game│Noraebang│Club│Bars│Casino│Sports
HEALTH: Checking-in at the Hospital│Terms for Symptoms│Medical Condition│
Acupressure and Other Therapy
EMERGENCY: When Feeling Sick│Fire│Car Accident│Theft or Loss│When Lost
RETURNING: Confirming│Plane Tickets Changing Flight Schedule│To the Airport│Returning

Reference Section _ 참고 표현
Vocabulary _ 단어 모음

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