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Studies in Korean Language and Language Pedagogy
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Author: Sung-Ock Sohn, Sungdai Cho, Seok-Hoon You
Publisher: Korea University Press
Pub. Date: Oct 2013
Pages: 616
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6.29 x 9.09 x 1.33
ISBN: 9788976418302
Language: English
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Studies in Korean Linguistics and Language Pedagogy is the festschrift commemorates Professor Sohn’s achievement for his scholarship in Korean linguistics and language pedagogy for the past 42 years. It is a collaborative product of Prof. Sohn’s close colleagues and former students in honor of his lifelong contribution to promoting Korean linguistics and Korean as a foreign language worldwide.
Composed of three parts: Korean Linguistics, Korean Language Pedagogy, Korean Language Pedagogy and General (written in Korean), it covers the essential aspects of Korean linguistics and Korean language pedagogy, such as phonetics, phonology, discourse analysis, socio-pragmatics, honorifics, grammaticalization, historical linguistics, vocabulary teaching and learning, collocation usage, linguistic research in North Korea, Korean pedagogical grammar.


1. Korean Honorific Sentence Ending, -pnita:
Indexing of Knowledgeable Expert · Sumi Chang
2. Semantic and Pragmatic Functions of Sentence Enders
-kwun and -ney in Korean · In Jung Cho and Young-A Cho
3. KULENIKKA as · Marker of Agreement and Disagreement · Jae-Eun Im
4. The Classification of Compounds Revisited:
with Reference to Korean and English · Weon-Don Jeong
5. Opacity: Back to Derivation? · Gyung-Ran Kim
6. Common Grammatical Properties of World Englishes · Jeong-Ryeol Kim
7. Double Evidential Marking in Korean Storytelling · Mary Shin Kim
8. The Price of Politeness: Subject Honorification and Processing
? William O’Grady, On-Soon Lee, and Miho Choo
9. The Grammaticalisation of -(u)l ke(s) in Korean · Duk-Soo Park
10. Etymologies and Uncooperative Facts · S. Robert Ramsey
11. Dialogic Contexts for the Emergence of New Grammar:
The Case of Final -ketun in Korean · Sung-Ock Sohn
12. The Mongolian Names for ‘Korea’ and ‘Korean’ and Their
Significance for the History of the Korean Language · Alexander Vovin
13. Interactive Nature of the Korean Honorific Marker -yo · Sang-Seok Yoon
14. Vocabulary Teaching and Learning in KFL Classroom Settings:
What To Know and How To Teach · Andrew Sangpil Byon
15. Collaborative Writing with Concept Maps · Sungdai Cho and Yongjin Lee
16. The Effect of Short Term Study Abroad Program on Proficiency Gains · Sahie Kang
17. Globalization and Process of Transformation of Language of Korean Students in America · Hi-Sun H. Kim
18. Quest for Identity: Korea’s Language and Culture on the World Stage · Young-Key Kim-Renaud
19. Exploration of Applicability of Pilot 6.0 and Paradox 9.0 in KSL Research · Eun-Joo Lee
20. Collocation Usage by Learners of Korean:
Analysis and Pedagogical Implications · Sang-suk Oh and Mi-Hyun Kim
21. An Effective Way of Teaching Korean Obstruents to Beginning Learners · Mee-Jeong Park
22. Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Instruction
for Teaching Korean Postpositons -ey and -eyse · Ebru Tu?rker
23. Trends and Issues in Korean Language and Culture Education
Research: · Comparative Study · Hye-Sook Wang
24. 온라인 영어독해 수업에서의 상호작용 활성화 방안에 대한 연구
(The Acquisition of Korean Head-internal Relative Clauses by Korean Adults) · 조수근 (Sookeun Cho)
25. 대화분석과 한국어의 대화분석적 연구
(Conversation Analysis and Conversation-Analytic Studies in Korean) · 김해연 (Haeyeon Kim)
26. 손호민의 The Korean Language (1999)에 대한 소견
(A Review of The Korean Language) · 고영근 (Yong-Kun Ko)
27. 한국어 상세화 연구와 교재 개발의 실제
(Research on Korean Text Elaboration and its Practice on Materials Development)
? 공동관 (Dong-Kwan Kong)
28. 북한의 우리말 연구사 (A Development of Korean Linguistic in North Korea) · 권재일 (Jae-il Kwon)
29. 경동사 구문 · 한국어와 영어의 ‘-하다’/do의 논항 구조와 관련하여
(Light Verb ‘-hata’/do Constructions: In Relation to Argument Structure in Korean and English) · 이정민 (Chungmin Lee)
30. Standards for Korean Language Learning의 Indicator 수정을 위한 제안
━ Goal 4: Comparison, Standard 4.1을 중심으로
(Suggestions for the Revision of Indicators for Standards for Korean Language Learning) · 이지선 (Jeyseon Lee)
31. 한국어 교사 문법과 학습자 문법의 범주(範疇)에 대하여
(Categories of Teacher’s and Learner’s Grammar in Korean Language Pedagogy) · 백봉자 (Pong-Ja Paik)
32. 한국어 교육문법의 체계와 내용
━ Korean: · Comprehensive Grammar (Yeon and Brown)를 중심으로
(Organization and Contents for Korean Pedagogical Grammar) · 연재훈 (Jaehoon Yeon)
33. 토론수업 활성화를 위한 · 프로토콜 방법 활용 연구
(Team Protocol Method as an Effective Way of Enhancing Students’ Participation
in the Discussion Session) · 유석훈 (Seok-Hoon You) Major Publications
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