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Korean made Easy: Vocabulary
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 14.66
Author: Seung-eun Oh
Publisher: Darakwon
Pub. Date: Dec. 2013
Pages: 368
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 7.40 x 10.11 x 0.62
ISBN: 9788927731177
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Korean Made Easy: Vocabulary is the fourth book in the Korean Made Easy series written to aid the self-guided study of non-native learners of Korean. While grammar is emphasized in current language education, there is little focus on vocabulary learning, which is essential, and there are few books that systematically try to teach vocabulary. For this reason, this book was written in the hope of providing an easy, fun, and effective way to learn Korean vocabulary.

This book presents approximately 2,500 elementary- and intermediate-level vocabulary words over 100 units. The book has been divided into parts 1, 2, and 3, each of which is organized differently to ease the learner into understanding the contexts in which the vocabulary is used.

The learner will be able to study vocabulary in an organized manner and to naturally use it through the aid of pictures, audio materials, various practice exercises, and dialogue cards showing the context in which the vocabulary words are used.

Although the vocabulary becomes increasingly difficult and nuanced over the course of the book, the learner may select a topic from the table of contents and jump to it without regard to order because the units are largely independent of one another.Preface


How to Use This Book

《Part 1》
Unit 01 Reading Numbers 1

Unit 02 Reading Numbers 2

Unit 03 Reading Prices

Unit 04 Counting Items

Unit 05 Months and Days

Unit 06 Holidays

Unit 07 Days of the Week

Unit 08 Years

Unit 09 Weeks and Months

Unit 10 Days and Years

Unit 11 Reading the Time

Unit 12 Expressing Duration

Personal Information
Unit 13 Countries

Unit 14 Nationalities and Languages

Unit 15 Occupations

Unit 16 Age

Unit 17 Family

Unit 18 Places 1

Unit 19 Places 2

Unit 20 On the Street

Unit 21 Location and Direction

Unit 22 Asking Directions

Unit 23 Possessions

Unit 24 Describing Your Room

Unit 25 Describing Your Home

Unit 26 Furniture and Household Items

Unit 27 Daily Routine

Unit 28 Household Activities

Unit 29 Daily Activities

Unit 30 Housework

Unit 31 Weekend Activities

Unit 32 Common Verbs

Unit 33 Common Adjectives

Unit 34 Common Expressions 1

Unit 35 Common Expressions 2

Food and Drink
Unit 36 Fruits

Unit 37 Vegetables

Unit 38 Meat and Seafood

Unit 39 Common Foods and Ingredients

Unit 40 Beverages

Unit 41 Snacks and Desserts

Unit 42 The Dining Table

Unit 43 Meals

Unit 44 Cooking Methods

Unit 45 Hobbies

Unit 46 Sports

Unit 47 Travel 1

Unit 48 Travel 2

Unit 49 Communication

Unit 50 Purchasing Goods

Unit 51 Feelings

Unit 52 Emotions

Unit 53 Describing People

Unit 54 Body Parts and Illnesses

Unit 55 Body Parts

Unit 56 Clothing

Unit 57 The Seasons

Unit 58 Weather

Unit 59 Animals

Unit 60 The Countryside

《Part 2》

Talking about Oneself
Unit 61 Appearance

Unit 62 Personality

Unit 63 Feelings

Unit 64 Interpersonal Relationships

Unit 65 Life

Unit 66 Injuries

Unit 67 Treatment

Unit 68 Household Problems

Unit 69 Everyday Problems

Unit 70 Problematic Situations

Unit 71 Opposite Adverbs 1

Unit 72 Opposite Adverbs 2

Unit 73 Opposite Adjectives 1

Unit 74 Opposite Adjectives 2

Unit 75 Opposite Verbs 1

Unit 76 Opposite Verbs 2

Unit 77 Opposite Verbs 3

Other Verbs
Unit 78 Movement Verbs

Unit 79 Body-Related Verbs

Unit 80 Common Verb Pairs

《Part 3》

Unit 81 The Verbs 가다 & 오다

Unit 82 The Verb 나다

Unit 83 The Verb 하다

Unit 84 The Verb 되다

Unit 85 The Verbs 생기다, 풀다, and 걸리다

Unit 86 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Unit 87 Money-Related Verbs

Unit 88 Verbs by Category

Unit 89 Emotion Expressions

Unit 90 Shopping Expressions

Unit 91 Clothing Expressions

Unit 92 Time Expressions

Unit 93 Quantity Expressions

Unit 94 Location Expressions

Unit 95 Markers

Unit 96 Question Words

Unit 97 Adverbs

Unit 98 Conjunctive Adverbs

Unit 99 Adjectives

Unit 100 Nouns

Listening Scripts
Vocabulary Index

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