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City as Art - 100 Notable Works of Architecture in Seoul
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Author: Yim Seock-jae
Publisher: Hollym
Pub. Date: Jul 2011
Pages: 232
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.85 x 5.90 x 0.55
ISBN: 9781565913271
Language: English
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Architecture Meets Art in a City of Seoul

The city of Seoul boasts a long history as a prized territory on the peninsula since the Three Kingdoms period (57 BCE-AD 688) and as the national capital for over 600 years of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). History is bound to leave behind architecture, and Seoul is home to myriad buildings, from those constructed in ancient times to 21st century skyscrapers. Many of them have disappeared in the course of wars and modernization, but the architecture still remains to be a perfect media to start tracing back the history of this city. When it comes to more recent buildings, there have been increased efforts in archiving and preserving post-Korean War architecture, and many remain today, witnessing the dynamic changes that the nation has gone through in modern times.

City as Arts: 100 Notable Works of Architecture in Seoul aims at introducing the most notable among Seoul's architecture to visitors and readers from around the world. A city's dignity and stature rely on the preservation of its architecture, which speaks for its history, and also on how effectively its citizens of today can utilize and enjoy them in their everyday lives. One hundred buildings have been selected, based on their significance as historical relic, as work of art and as public facility. Those are also categorized chronologically into six chapters: Traditional Architecture: 15th-Late 19th Century, Early Modern and Colonial Architecture: Late 19th Century-1945, Modern Architecture (1950s-1980s)<1>, Modern Architecture (1950s-1980s)<2>, Contemporary Architecture: 1990-Present, Architecture by International Masters.

<1>. Traditional Architecture: 15th-Late 19th Century

Amidst the strict symmetry of the design, the Joseon Dynasty architecture seeks balance in nature with delicate touches, fine craftsmanship and decorative details.

<2>. Early Modern and Colonial Architecture: Late 19th Century-1945

Architectures in this time of Seoul provide excellent examples of the modernized urban hanok, and of how Western style accepts and adapts to the indigenous cultures.

<3>. Modern Architecture (1950s-1980s) 1

The buildings may have embraced Western international style, but its goal lies in boosting up to Korea's modern spirit.

<4>. Modern Architecture (1950s-1980s) 2

The structural details of skyscrapers on the street of today's Seoul speak for the triumph of modern technology.

<5>. Contemporary Architecture: 1990-Present

Contemporary Architecture can be interpreted as an attempt to blend in with the environment - in other words, a formal attempt to break away from Industrialization.

<6>. Architecture by International Masters

World famous architects projected exotic and unique buildings in the streets of Korea beginning from 2000s in support of post-modernism.



<1>. Traditional Architecture: 15th-Late 19th Century

001 Gyeongbokgung Palace l 002 Bosingak Pavilion l 003 Jongmyo Shrine l 004 Sajikdan Altar

005 Sungnyemun Gate l 006 Pirundae l 007 Munmyo Shrine l 008 Changdeokgung Palace

009 Changgyeonggung Palace l 010 Tapgol Park l 011 Unhyeongung Palace

012 Former Office of Postal Administration l 013 Seoul City Walls l 014 Bongeunsa Temple

015 Bongwonsa Temple l 016 Heungcheonsa Temple l 017 Namsan Hanok Village

018 Namsan Smoke Signal Towers l 019 Seolleung Tomb l 020 Jeongneung Tomb

021 Royal Shrine for Prince Changnyeong l 022 Heunginjimun Gate

023 Ordinance Bureau Beonsachang Armory l 024 Jogyesa Temple

<2>. Early Modern and Colonial Architecture: Late 19th Century-1945

025 Chondogyo Central Headquarters l 026 Myeongdong Cathedral l 027 Yakhyeon Cathedral

028 Seoul Cathedral Anglican Church of Korea l 029 Chungdong First Church

030 Seoul Museum of Art l 031 Deoksugung Palace l 032 Simujang House

033 Choi Sun-u House l 034 Dongnipmun Gate l 035 Former Min Hyeong-gi Estate

036 Ihwajang House l 037 Gyeonggyojang House l 038 Bank of Korea Main Building

039 Myeongdong Theater l 040 Former Daehan Hospital Main Building

041 Former National Industrial Institute Main Building l 042 Former Seoul Station

043 Main Building, East & West Wings of Choong Ang High School

044 Pfeiffer Hall of Ewha Womans University l 045 Main Hall and Library of Korea University

046 Stimson, Appenzeller & Underwood Halls of Yonsei University

047 Former Seoul National University Main Building

048 Water Treatment Plant No. 1 on Ttukseom Waterfront l 049 Former Seoul Detention Center

<3>. Modern Architecture (1950s-1980s) 1

050 Former Library of Konkuk University l 051 Suh's OB/GYN Practice

052 Main Building of Sogang University

053 Korean Educational Development Institute – New Wing l 054 Samil Building

055 Mongchon Clay Fortress & World's Peace Gate l 056 Kyungdong Presbyterian Church

057 Space Building – Old and New Wings l 058 LG Sangnam Library

059 Arko Arts Theater, Arko Art Center & Marronnier Park l 060 Freedom Center & Tower Hotel

061 National Theater of Korea l 062 Martyrs' Shrine on Jeoldusan Hill

<4>. Modern Architecture (1950s-1980s) 2

063 Luce Chapel of Yonsei University l 064 Seoul Museum of History l 065 National Assembly

066 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts & Gwanghwamun Square

067 National Cemetery for the April 19th Revolution l 068 The War Memorial of Korea

069 National Museum of Korea l 070 Seoul Arts Center

071 Acropolis, Student Center & University Library of Seoul National University

072 Islam Mosque l 073 Orthodox Metropolis of Korea's Cathedral of St. Nicholas

<5>. Contemporary Architecture: 1990-Present

074 Gallery Bing l 075 The Hankyoreh Building l 076 Seoul World Cup Stadium

077 Seonyudo Park l 078 Ssamziegil l 079 Lock Museum l 080 Why Butter Building

081 Nanhyang Building of Sungshin Women's University l 082 Forest Science Center

083 Total Museum of Contemporary Art l 084 Kim Chong Yung Museum

085 University of Seoul Campus Complex l 086 Horim Art Center l 087 Urban Hive Building

088 Posco E&C Tower l 089 Miral School l 090 Boutique Monaco l 091 Noksapyeong Station

092 Cheong Gye Cheon Museum

<6>. Architecture by International Masters

093 Coex Mall l 094 Hammering Man l 095 Jongno Tower l 096 Aqua Art Bridge

097 SK Telecom Headquarters l 098 Ewha Campus Center

099 Seoul National University Museum of Art l 100 Kyobo Gangnam Tower



Yim Seock-jae

• BA and MA in Architecture, Seoul National University, Korea

• MA in Architecture, University of Michigan, USA

• Ph. D. in Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, USA

• Professor of Department of Architecture, Ewha Womans University

Major publications:

Geomancy and Reality Vol. 3 (2002)

Geomancy and Architecture Vol. 2 (2002)

Sky and Human (2006)

Seoul, To Walk in the City of Architecture 1 & 2 (2010)

Architecture Is Our Self-portrait (2005)


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