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This is Korea
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Author: Choi Jung-wha, Lim Hyang-ok
Publisher: Hollym
Pub. Date: Jan 2011
Pages: 198
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.66 x 5.9 x 0.95
ISBN: 9781565912991
Language: English
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Though there are many books that introduce Korea to foreigners, not many people really know Korea and even less, the Korean people. In many ways, Korea is overshadowed by its two neighbors in size by China in economy by Japan and therefore relatively unknown. So, this book looks at Korea through the perspective of foreigner and gives the reader a true understanding of Korean psyche with the various contents, from the basic facts about Korea to the sections detailing Korean culture and its routine. Also, It explains Korea in a reader friendly way, if your Korean friend were explaining to you what Korea is really like - warts and all! It would be an ideal gift for both the traveler and the working expat in this country. Plus, for anybody who wants to know about TRUE Korea.

Part 1 Basic Facts about Korea 
Where is Korea? 
A Country Blessed with Four Distinct Seasons 
Symbols of Korea 
The World's Most Scientific Writing System, Hangeul 
And then Korea was Created 
5,000 Years of History 
Major Holidays 
Warm-hearted but Busy Koreans 

Part 2 The Life of Koreans: A tug-of-war between Tradition and Modernity 
Proper Manners in General 
Not Calling Each Other's Names, Human Relationships 
The Art of the Gentle Refusal 
Take off Your Shoes! 
The Best of Both World, Getting Married 
Death, C'est la vie 
The Korean Way, Counting your age 
Counting Moons, the Lunar Calendar 
The Korean Zodiac 
Counseling Korea Style, The Fortune Telling 
Colors, Striking a Balance 
Using Seals Instead of Signatures 
Lucky Numbers Unlucky Numbers 
Bringing the Right Gift 
Spoons and Chopsticks 
Korean Tales 

Part 3 A Glimpse of Korean Kitchen: From the Special Occasion to the Routine 
The Source of Korean's Energy, Rice 
One of the World's Most Healthful Foods, Kimchi 
The Older the Better, Fermented Foods 
The Favorite Airline Food, Bibimbap 
The Favorite of Foreign Visitors, Bulgogi 
The Key is in the Stew 
When You Need a Boost of Energy, Samgyetang 
Korea's Favorite Noodles, Japchae 
Something to Snack on 
Bread is to the West What Tteok is to Korea 
Straight from the Ground to Medicine Cabinet, Korean Ginseng 
Enjoy a Cup of Tea! 
Korean alcohol, Soju and Makgeolli 
Table Manners 

Part 4 A Guide for Armchair Travelers: Spots and Places 
Breathing Life into Seoul, The Han River 
Royal Palaces 
Catching a Glimpse of Life in the Past, Traditional Villages 
Housing a Feat in Printing History, Haeinsa Temple 
Korean Buddhism and Buddhist Temples 
See the Seas Divide, Jindo 
The Cradle of Ancient Civilization, Gyeongju 
The Beautiful Southern Island, Jejudo 
Traditional Street, Insa-dong 
A Traditional Village Nestled in the City, Bukchon 
A Bustling Business Area, COEX 
Need Downtime? Cheongyecheon Stream is the Place to Go 
The Ugly Duckling Turns into a Swan, Seonyudo Park 
A Little Bit of the World in Seoul, Itaewon 
Full of Life and Energy, Namdaemun & Dongdaemun Markets 
Home of Seagulls, Dokdo Islets 
Experience First-hand the Division of a Country, Panmunjeom 
The Beauty of 12,000 Mountain Peaks, Geumgangsan 

Part 5 Korean Art: The Beauty of Simplicity 
A Reflection of Korean Philosophy, Hanok 
Nature Untouched, Korean, Gardens 
Beauty in the Lines, Hanbok 
Visual Art Expressed Through Lines 
Where Art and Practicality Meet, Pottery 
Traditional Korean Music 
Korean Musicals in Disguise, Masks and Mask Dances 
Grace in Motion, Traditional Dance 
Forget Your Troubles in Traditional Games 
The Way of Fist and Feet, Taekwondo 

Part 6 Meet Korea Today: Everything Changes Except Change Itself 
At the Cutting Edge, IT Korea 
Korean Culture Sweeping Across Asia, Hallyu 
Fast and Efficient Transportation System 
Korea's Room Culture 
A World Inside the Internet, Cyworld 
Early Adopters 
B-boys on Top of the World


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