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The Silla Annals of the Samguk Sagi
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 35,000
USD 25.58
Author: Kim Pusik
Publisher: The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Pub. Date: June. 2012
Pages: 301
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 9.09 x 6.30 x 0.75
ISBN: 9788971058602
Language: English
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[The Academy of Korean Studies Press]
The Koguryo Annals of the Samguk Sagi
KRW 35,000
USD 25.58




Book 1 Kosogan Hyokkose; Ch'ach'aung Namhae; and Isagum Yuri, T'arhae, P'asa, Chima, and Ilsong
Book 2 Isagum Adalla, Porhyu, Nahae, Chobun, Ch'omhae, Mich'u, Yurye, Kirim, and Hurhae
Book 3 Isagum Naemul and Silsong; and Maripkan Nulchi, Chabi, and Soji
Book 4 Maripkan Chijung; and Kings Pophung, Chinhung, Chinji, and Chinp'yong
Book 5 Queens Sondok and Chindok and King T'aejong Muyol
Book 6 King Munmu-Part One
Book 7 King Munmu-Part Two
Book 8 Kings Sinmun, Hyoso, and Songdok
Book 9 Kings Hyosong, Kyongdok, Hyegong, and Sondok
Book 10 Kings Wonsong, Sosong, Aejang, Hondok, Hungdok, Huigang, Minae, and Sinmu
Book 11 Kings Munsong, Honan, Kyongmun, Hongang, and Chonggang and Queen Chinsong
Book 12 Kings Hyogong, Sindok, Kyongmyong, Kyongae, and Kyongsun

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