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From Pusan to Panmunjom - Wartime Memoirs of the Republic of Korea's First Four-Star General
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 12,000
USD 8.75
Author: Gen. Paik Sun Yup
Publisher: Potomac Books
Pub. Date: Jan. 2007
Pages: 535
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 4.92 x 7.59 x 0.78
ISBN: 9781574887433
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Maps viii
Foreword x
Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway
Gen. James A. Van Fleet
Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xv
Abbreviations xvi
The Long, Long Summer 1(22)
Kaesong Has Fallen 1(7)
The Munsan Defense Line Crumbles 8(7)
Across the Han by Raft 15(8)
Retreat to the Naktong: 200 Miles of Hell 23(32)
Delaying Actions 23(5)
No Place to Run 28(6)
Bloody Fighting at the Naktong 34(12)
Reversing the Tide of War 46(9)
We Lead the Way North 55(43)
Back the Way We Came 55(6)
Attacking Pyongyang ``Patton's Way'' 61(7)
The Greatest Day of My Life 68(6)
Pyongyang Is Free 74(8)
The Chinese Trap 82(8)
Our Last Hours in Unsan: The Bloody Autumn Night 90(8)
Dashed Hopes 98(30)
Rest and Recuperation 98(5)
The Christmas Offensive: Blind March to Disaster 103(7)
The Wretched Withdrawal of January 4, 1951 110(9)
Seesaw Battles on the Central Front 119(9)
Back to the 38th Parallel 128(36)
Spring Breezes Blow on the Han River 128(5)
War Rations, Courtesy of General MacArthur 133(1)
Departing the 1st Division 134(7)
Withdraw or Fight to the Death 141(6)
The Collapse of III Corps 147(10)
Concentrated Training for the ROK Army 157(7)
What Will We Lose and What Will We Gain? 164(37)
Representing Korea at Armistice Talks No Korean Wants 164(8)
The Truce Talks Falter 172(3)
Return to the Front 175(4)
Task Force Paik Hammers Guerrillas 179(7)
Quiet Returns to the Chiri 186(8)
Organizing II Corps: Symbol of the New Army 194(7)
The Road to Four Stars and Army Chief of Staff 201(43)
A New Honor 201(7)
Solving Ration Problems and Stacks of Other Issues 208(6)
Korea's First Four-Star General 214(7)
The War Enters a New Phase 221(7)
Releasing Anticommunist POWs, Startling the World 228(6)
Clutching for the High Ground 234(10)
The War Ends at Last 244(9)
Did the War Make Unification More Remote? 244(5)
Chief of Staff Again 249(4)
Epilogue 253(2)
Index 255(16)
The Author 271

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