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Public Sector Reform in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 23,000
USD 16.77
Author: Pan Suk Kim
Publisher: Daeyoung Moonhwasa
Pub. Date: Nov. 2011
Pages: 344
Cover: Hardcover
Dimensions (in inches): 10.12 x 7.40 x 1.06
ISBN: 9788976443861
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[Daeyoung Moonhwasa]
Civil Service System and Civil Service R..
KRW 23,000
USD 16.77
[Daeyoung Moonhwasa]
Public Administration and Public Governa..
KRW 23,000
USD 16.77



ASEAN member countries include Brunei, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In the past couple of decades, we have witnessed major structural, functional and system changes in the area of public administration. The traditional bureaucratic and top down system has been substituted by a more accountable, transparent, and participatory system with the application of information technology and communication (ICT). Moreover, the ongoing economic downturn brought the introduction of the market mechanism into traditional public administration under the name of new public management. Accordingly, various forms of new pubic management have penetrated widely into the global, regional, and local public sectors including Southeast Asian countries and Korea. Criticism against new public management has increased substantially over the years, but NPM has not disappeared from our radar. In the future, we may need a new direction for the development of public administration and value-oriented public administration could become a new alternative in the future.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Reforming the Public Sector in Brunei
Chapter 3 Reforming the Public Sector in Cambodia
Chapter 4 Exploring Public Sector Reform in Indonesia
Chapter 5 Public Sector Reform in Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Chapter 6 Public Sector Reform in Malaysia
Chapter 7 Public Sector Reform in Myanmar
Chapter 8 Public Sector Reform in the Philippines
Chapter 9 Singapore-Style Public Sector Reforms
Chapter 10 Public Sector Reform and Governancein Thailand
Chapter 11 Reforming the Public Sector in Viet Nam
Chapter 12 Major Issues of Government Innovation in South Korea


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