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Democracy and Social Change in South Korea
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Author: Jong Bin Yoon, Soo Hyun Jung et al.
Publisher: Purungil
Pub. Date: Jun 2020
Pages: 210
Dimensions (in inches): 5.98 x 8.85 x 0.7
ISBN: 9788962918717
Language: English
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Political changes of South Korean democracy
The Center for Future Policy Studies(CFPS) was established in 2019 at Myongji University to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving political and socio-economic issues facing society at the local, national, and global level. This book was written by CFPS's researchers in South Korea, where there are few English-language books on politics and political parties, to introduce political parties and democracy in South Korean society to overseas scholars and international students and to discuss them. This book investigates important political issues of South Korea, with each article offering substantial background and multiple viewpoints. The chapters of the book are organized into five Parts. In Part I, current political challenges for South Korean democracy are examined. Part II examines various issues of social conflict and inequality in South Korea. Part III looks at social inclusion and political tolerance. In Part IV, the development of information technology and political communication in South Korea is examined. And the final Part of the book involves party politics and public deliberation in South Korea. Anyone interested in political change in South Korea will be able to get up-to-date information on critical issues in South Korean politics and society through this book.


Part I. Political Challenge for Korean Democracy
01 The Nature of Representative Democracy in South Korea_Jong Bin Yoon
02 South Korea’s Democracy Divided: How Polarization Endangers Democracy?_Jeeyoung Park
03 Democracy in Crisis? Evidence from South Korea_Dong-Joon Jung

Part II. Social Conflict and Inequality
04 Rising of Economic Inequality and Class Politics in South Korea_Jungsub Shin
05 The Advent of a Multicultural Society and Social Conflict in South Korea_Hoiok Jeong
06 Generational Conflicts in Korea_Euisuok Han

Part III. Social Inclusion and Political Tolerance
07 Political Tolerance in Korea_Sung-jin Yoo
08 Political Tolerance and Inclusion of Koreans in a Multicultural Society_Jinju Kim

Part IV. The Development of Information Technology and Political Communication
09 Political Content on YouTube_Hana Kim
10 ICT(Information, Communication, and Technology) and Political Communication_Shin-Il Moon
11 The Issues of Machine Learning Algorithms from the Perspective of User Protection_Kitae Kim

Part V. Party Politics and Public Deliberation
12 Party Politics and Civic Engagement in South Korea_Kyungmee Park
13 Public Deliberation in South Korea_Soo Hyun Jung



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