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Seoul through the eyes of liberty and peace Jeongdong & Gwanghwamun
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Author: Jeon Byung kil, Kang Dong-wan
Publisher: 너나드리
Pub. Date: Oct 2020
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9791196508173
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Sejong-daero intersection is the main street in Korea. Here, people voice different opinions on diverse issues such as politics, society, religion and culture. Though they resemble a rally or an event, but in fact, they represent where the Korean society is heading and will add another page to the country’s history. Therefore, a good understanding of Korea’s modern and contemporary history in Jeongdong and Gwanghwamun areas will offer a glimpse of the past, the present and the future. A recent history-studying craze in Korea added popularity to books covering the historic sites of Jeongdong and Gwanghwamun as well as history-related tour programs. Almost none of them, unfortunately, successfully shed light on unification, which will create a new order for Korea and her neighbors. This book aims to look backon our past centering around Jeongdong and Gwanghwamun, while looking ahead to the future era of unification. Going for a stroll in the areas of Jeongdong and Gwanghwamun with help of this book will allow us to share our thoughts on individuals, community and people in the light of history and we hope this sharing could be a starting point of Korea’s unification based on liberty and peace      

Unification Map Seoul
Why Jeongdong

01 Kilometre Zero Park
02 The Site of Minjok Ilbo
03 The Editorial Office of Chosun Ilbo
04 Seoul Metropolitan Council Building
05 SS. Mary & Nicholas’ Seoul Cathedral
06 Seokjojeon Hall in Deoksugung Palace
07 The Habib House
08 Chungdong Church
09 Pai Chai Academy Museum
10 Dong Wha Pharmaceutical
11 Jungmyeongjeon Hall
12 Ewha Museum
13 Former Russian Legation
14 Gyeonggyojang
15 Gusegun
16 Ju Si-gyeong Garden
17 Donggwang, Saebyeok and Choi In-hun’s novel The Square
18 Ministry of Unification
19 Jungangcheong
20 National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
21 Aseowon
22 Statue of Dr. Hyun Bong-hak
23 Tongil-ro 1

Unification History Travel

Sejong-daero intersection is also the milepost of Korean roads as the intersection connects all national roads on the Korean Peninsula. The unification of the divided country symbolizes the reconnection of roads between the two Koreas, the connection of ocean and continent, and the creation of a new road. Before taking on a future path of unification, it would be a great idea to walk the path of history reflecting on our past lives. Jeongdong and Gwanghwamun areas that start from Sejong-daero are the best places to look back on the modern history of Korea. They were at the center of Korea’s modern happenings after the western powers entered Joseon in the late 19th century and the country lost its sovereignty in the 20th century, followed by a series of events including independence movements, division, and war, industrialization and democratization. Our dreams of peaceful unification still lie in Jeongdong and Gwanghwamun areas.

The song “Our Wish” was played nationwide for the first time by Seoul Central Broadcasting Station and received an explosive reaction. When the Republic of Korea was established in August 1948, the government suggested Ahn to change the lyrics from “Our wish is independence” to “Our wish is unification.” In 1950’s, the song was first published in the music textbook for elementary 5th-grade students. Since then, “Our Wish” has become a symbolic song of unification for Koreans.

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