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Capitalism and Capitalisms in Asia : Origin, Commonality, and Diversity
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Author: Lim Hyeonjin, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Hwang Seokman
Publisher: SNUPRESS
Pub. Date: Aug 2018
Pages: 508
Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 8.8 x 1
ISBN: 9788952120090
Language: English
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Introduction; Capitalism in Asia
Theoretical Contexts and Analytical Framework
Organization of the Argument

PART I: Recent Changes in Asian Capitalism

1. Formation and Development of Capitalism in the Modernization of East Asia: An Alternative Theoretical Explication
A Theory of Selective Modernization and Alternative Modernities: A Synopsis
The Birth of Capitalism in the First-Wave Modernization in East Asia
The Development of the Modern Capitalism in the Second-Wave Modernization in East Asia
In Closing

2. Comparing Capitalisms, East and West
Why Totalize Capitalism?: ‘The Map is Not the Same as the Territory’?Borges
Plurality and Layered Analysis

3. Regional Capitalisms and Global Technoscience: Controllable or Uncontrollable Forces of Planetary Change?
The Capitalism plus Technoscience Conundrum
Capitalism As It Is and As It Should Be
Technoscience As It Is and As It Could Be
Final Remarks

4. A New “Spirit” of Capitalism?: Globalization and Its Impact on the Diffusion of Neoliberal Management Thinking in Germany and the East Asian Economies
Theoretical Foundations
Global Elites as Pacemakers?
German Top-Managers as Global Elites?
Global Elites in East Asia?
A New Neoliberal Spirit of Capitalism?
The Financial Market Mindset amongst German Managers
The Neoliberal Management Mindset: German Top Managers on Leadership
The Collective Mindsets of Top Managers in East Asia

PART II Diversity of Asian Capitalism: China, Japan and Indonesia

5. Capitalism in China: A Centrally Managed Capitalism (CMC) and Its Future
The Role of the State in Capitalism
Forms of State Capitalism
Centrally Managed Capitalism
The CMC in the Marketplace and Its Costs
Challenges to CMC
Legitimizing CMC: From Marxism to Economic Growth and Social Stability
Transforming Ideology: Towards Xiaokang and Datong?
The Transforming CMC: Democratization?
Conclusion: The Future of Chinese Capitalism

6. State Neoliberalism: The Chinese Road to Capitalism in Comparative Perspective
China and Developmental State Capitalism in the South
China and Neoliberal Capitalism in the West
China and Neoliberal Reforms in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe
State Neoliberalism and the Ceaseless Drive of Capital Accumulation
State Neoliberalism in China: Distinctive Characteristics
Whither the Chinese Road to Capitalism

7. The End of the Long Boom?: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Long-term Growth in China
Historical Evolution and Global Insertion
Private-Public Growth Alliances: A Chinese Mode of Coordination
Key Institutional Domains
Summary and Outlook

8. Beyond Predatory Productivism?: The Political Economy of Welfare Capitalism in Post-New Order Indonesia
Explaining Welfare Capitalism
Actors, Interests, and Agendas
The Political Economy of Welfare Capitalism in Indonesia

PART III Asia Capitalism in Global Context

9. How Financial Liberalization Transformed the East Asian Development Model
Financial Liberalization in Japan, Korea, and Chinas
Financial Liberalization and Transformation of the East Asian Development Model
Conclusion 359

10. The “Renminbi Swap Lines” and the Emergent Role of China as an Emergency Lender: Evidence from Argentina
Introduction and Objectives
Reviewing Chinese Measures toward an International Yuan-Renminbi
Case Study: The Sino-Argentine Swap Line
Concluding Remarks

11. East Asia’s Inter- and Intra-Regional Trade Networks and Changing Roles in Global Mobile Phone Value Chains
International Trade and Divergence in GVC Integration
Data and Methods
International Trade of Mobile Phones and Parts
Countries’ Changing Positions in the Mobile Phone GVC
Inter- and Intra-Reginal Trade Networks of Mobile Phones and Parts
Intra-Asian Trade Networks of Mobile Phones and Parts

12. Development Cooperation and the Legacy of the Developmental State: Government Initiative and State-Business Partnership in Korean Development Cooperation with Mozambique and Rwanda
First Case: State-Led Development Coopration and “Resource Diplomacy” in Mozambique
Second Case: Extending into New Markets in Rwanda through Public Private Partnership

Conclusion: Exploring 21st Century Capitalisms and Asia: The Impact of Financialization
Financialization and Capitalism
East Asian Capitalism and Financialization


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