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Beyond Risk Society Ulrich Beck and the Korean Debate
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 70,000
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Author: Han Sang-Jin
Publisher: Seoul National University
Pub. Date: Jun 2017
Pages: 658
Cover: Hard
Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 8.8 x 1.4
ISBN: 9788952117656
Language: English
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Introduction. ?Critical Theory of Risk Society and the Korean Debate(Han, Sang-Jin)

Part I. Critical Theory of Risk Society and Empirical Analysis
Chapter 1. World at Risk: The New Task of Critical Theory (Ulrich Beck)
Chapter 2. Empirical Analysis of Risk Society (Han, Sang-Jin)
Chapter 3. Participatory Risk Governance and Second Modernity (Han, Sang-Jin)

Part II Cosmopolitan Vision from East Asia
Chapter 4. Beyond Risk Society: Towards the Theory of Cosmopolitan Modernity (Ulrich Beck)
Chapter 5. ?A New Cosmopolitanism Is in the Air (Ulrich Beck)
Chapter 6. Why Do We Need Cosmopolitan Cooperation? (Ulrich Beck)
Chapter 7. On Methodological Cosmopolitanism (Ulrich Beck)
Chapter 8. The Second Modern Condition? Compressed Modernity as Internalized Reflexive Cosmopolitanism (Chang, Kyung-Sup)
Chapter 9. Another Cosmopolitanism: A Critical Reconstruction of Neo-Confucian Conception of Tianxiaweigong (天下爲公) in the Age of Global Risks (Park, Young-Do / Han, Sang-Jin)
Chapter 10. Cosmopolitization Driven by Climate Change in East Asia
(Yun, Sun-Jin)

Part III. Transnational Marriage and Individualization
Chapter 11. Transnational Marriage (Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim)
Chapter 12. Family Life after Family (Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim)
Chapter 13. “Family-Oriented Individualization” and Second Modernity: An Analysis of Transnational Marriages in Korea (Shim, Young-Hee / Han, Sang-Jin)
Chapter 14. Individualization and Community Networks in East Asia: How to Deal with Global Difference in Social Science Theories? (Shim, Young-Hee / Han, Sang-Jin)

Part IV Debate on Risk Society in Korea
Chapter 15. The Korean Path to Modernization and Risk Society
(Han, Sang-Jin)
Chapter 16. From System Failure to Hidden Complexity: Changing Nature of Disasters in Korea (Yee, Jaeyeol)
Chapter 17. Risk Components of Compressed Modernity: South Korea as Complex Risk Society (Chang, Kyung-Sup)
Chapter 18. New Horizons in Health in the Risk Society (Kim, Young-Chi)
Chapter 19. Change of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in the Risk Society (Shim, Young-Hee)
Chapter 20. The Environmental Risk in the Global Age: From the Perspective of ‘Environmental Culture’ (Kim, Jung Wk)
Chapter 21. Rush-to Growth, Economic Bubbles, and Dangers of Limping Modernization (Kim, Dae Hwan)
Chapter 22. Corruption as System Risk (Kim, Byoung-Seob)
Chapter 23. Korea Education at Risk and Reflexive Modernization(Moon, Yong Lin)
Chapter 24. Korea’s Architectural Culture at Risk and Reflexive Modernization (Kim, Young-Sub)
Chapter 25. Water: The Risk Has Already Begun (Kim, Sang-Jong)Chapter 26. Nuclear Power in Korea: A Technological Factor of Risk Society (Lee, Pil-Ryul)
Chapter 27. Unemployment and Social Disorganization: A New Face of High Risk Society (Seong, Kyoung-Ryung)
Chapter 28. Response to the Korean Debate (Ulrich Beck)

Appendix 1. ?East-West ‘Second Modernity’ Entering Competition
-Risk Governance Is the Key
Appendix 2. ?Tackling the Global Threat through the ‘Tianxia Gongsheng (天下共生)’
Appendix 3. ?The Sewol Ferry Tragedy Awakens Outcries of “Enough Is Enough!”
Appendix 4. ?Ulrich Beck, Who Warned of ‘Risk Society’, Passes away
Appendix 5. ?Please Be with Us Forever and Watch over People’s Cries for a Safe Korea

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