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Sports, Leisure, and Games in Korea: A Sourcebook
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 14.66
Author: Seung Jae Lee
Publisher: AKS
Pub. Date: Apr 2017
Pages: 186
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.8 x 9.8 x 0.5
ISBN: 9791158661717
Language: English
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Chapter 1. Arirang (Folk Songs)
Chapter 2. Baduk (Korean Chess)
Chapter 3. Chajeon-nori (Cart War Game)
Chapter 4. Cheonryeop (Fish Hunting)
Chapter 5. Dol-ssaum (Stone Fighting)
Chapter 6. Ganggang-sullae (Circle Dance)
Chapter 7. Geune-tagi (Swinging)
Chapter 8. Gomujul-nori (Rubber Band Skipping)
Chapter 9. Gonggi-nori (Pebble Game)
Chapter 10. Hwatu (Card Game)
Chapter 11. Ja-chigi (Ruler Game)
Chapter 12. Janggi (Oriental Chess Game)
Chapter 13. Jegi-chagi (Korean Shuttlecock Kicking)
Chapter 14. Jul-darigi (Tug-of-War)
Chapter 15. Jul-tagi (Tight-Rope Walking)
Chapter 16. Jwibul-nori (Rat-Fire Play)
Chapter 17. Neol-ttwigi (Seesaw Jumping)
Chapter 18. Nongak (Farmer’s Music)
Chapter 19. Paengyi-chigi (Top Spinning Game)
Chapter 20. Pansori (Epic Chant)
Chapter 21. Samul-nori (Korean Traditional Percussion Quartet)
Chapter 22. Sanyang (Hunting)
Chapter 23. So-ssaum (Korean Bullfighting)
Chapter 24. Sseolmae-tagi (Sleigh Board Riding)
Chapter 25. Ssireum (Korean Traditional Wrestling)
Chapter 26. Taekkyeon (Korean Traditional Martial Art: Old Version)
Chapter 27. Taekwondo (Korean Traditional Martial Art: Contemporary Version)
Chapter 28. Talchum (Korean Mask Dance)
Chapter 29. Ttakji-chigi (Slap-Match Game)
Chapter 30. Tuho (Throwing Arrows)
Chapter 31. Whal-ssogi (Korean Archery)
Chapter 32. Yeon-nalligi (Kite Flying)
Chapter 33. Yut-nori (Korean Board Game)

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