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Author: Choi Junghwa
Publisher: Design House
Pub. Date: Jun 2016
Pages: 251
Dimensions (in inches): 8.7 x 6.7 x
ISBN: 9788970416892
Language: English
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1 Entrance Ceremony in March 
2 Newlywed Couples in Traditional Wedding Attire 
3 Valentine's Day Chocolate and Couple Rings 
4 Carnation Flowers to Give Thanks 
5 The "Marching of Strollers" 
6 100th Day Celebration and First Birthday Party 
7 Grandmothers Carrying Schoolbags 
8 Young People on the Street in Hanbok 
9 Festival of Flowers and Namul in Spring 
10 Lotus Lantern Parade and Buddhist Shops near the Jogyesa Temple 

1 Dishes to Help Boost Energy and Overcom the Summer Heat 
2 Binsu Enjoyed All Year Round 
3 Mosi Textile; Traditional to Modern Trends 
4 Cosmetic Shops in Seoul Packed with Foreign Customers 
5 Obsession in Korea for the Perfect Body 
6 Seoul Cheongdam-dong, the Mecca of Plastic Surgery 
7 Koreans Want to take Their Vacations Overseas 
8 Symbol of Tenacity in Korea Women; Haenyeo from Jejudo 
9 Beat the Heat with Fried-Chicken-and-Beer Combo 
10 Korea Haunt; Gwisin and Dokkaebi, Scary Creatures in Korea 

1 People Reading Books in Large Bookstores 
2 Food Channels; Eat with your "TV Companion" 
3 Autumn Scenery of Buddist Temples 
4 Making a Wish to the Bright Full Moon on Chuseok 
5 Statue of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, Protectors of Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul 
6 Hanok Village is Now a Tourist Attraction 
7 Traditional House of Jonggas 
8 Take Photos to Celebrate Longevity 
9 Seoul Downtown; Rush Hour Parking Lot 

1 Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink 
2 The Salvation Army Kettle, Symbol of Donation at the End of the Year 
3 Preparation of Kimchi 
4 Unique Scenery of the End of the Year 
5 Christmas in Myeong-dong, New Year's Eve at Bosingak in Jongno 
6 Scenes of Lunar New Year 
7 Greetings of New Year and Tteokguk 
8 Empty Seoul during Holiday Seasons

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