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Hanok : The Traditional Korean House
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 50,000
USD 38.27
Author: Yi Ki-ung
Publisher: Youlhwadang
Pub. Date: Jan 2015
Pages: 252
Dimensions (in inches): 7.4 x 9.7 x
ISBN: 9788930105163
Language: English
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Gyeonggi, Gwandong, Hoseo Areas 
Residence of Kim Yeong-gu in Yeoju 
Residence of Baek Su-Hyeon in Yangju 
Seongyojang in Gangneung 
Daeiri Gulpi-jip in Samcheok 
Residence of Kim Champan in yeongdong 
Residence of Yi Hang-Hui in Cheongwon 
Residence of Seon Byeong-guk in Boeun 
Residence of Myeongjae in Nonsan 
Residence of Min Chil-sik in Buyeo 
Birth House of President Yun Bo-seon 
Residence of Geonjae in Asan 
Residence of Yi Ha-bok in seocheon 

Yeongnam Area 
Original Family House of the Gyeongju Choi Clan in Dunsan-dong, Daegu 
Seobaekdang in Yangdong 
Residence of Sahodang in Yangdong 
Residence of the Gyodong Choi Clan in Gyeongju 
Residence of Bukchondaek in Hahoe 
Wonji-jeongsa in Hahoe 
Ancestral Shrine of the Andong Gwon Clan in Neungdong 
original Family House of the Goseong Yi Tapdong Clan in Beopheung-dong 
Seoseokji in Yeongyang 
Chunghyodang in yeongdeok 
Segyeop Kkachi-gumeong-jip in Seolmae-ri, Bonghwa 
original Family House of the Yecheon Gwon Chogan Clan 
Soudang in Uiseong 
Tumak-jip in Nari-dong, Ulleung Island 
Residence of Jeongon Seonsaeng 
Residence of lldu in Hamyang 
Yeondang in Mugi, Haman 

Honam, Jeju Areas 
Residence of Kim Dong-su in Jeongeup 
Residence of Kim Sang-man in Buan 
Unjoru in Gurye 
Residence of Kim Dae-ja in Naganseong 
Residence of Nampa in Naju 
Residence of Yi Yong-uk in Boseong 
Residence of Yun Du-seo in Haenam 
Origianl Family house of the Yeonan Kim Clan in Yeonggwang 
Birth house of Yeong-rang in Gangjin 
Residence of Go Pyeong-o in Seongeup 


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