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The Flavor and Wisdom of Korean The Complete Guide to Korean Thought and Culture
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 20,000
USD 14.57
Author: Jeon KyuTae
Publisher: Bumwoo
Pub. Date: Sep 2012
Pages: 239
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 8.3 x 0.6
ISBN: 9788963650869
Language: English
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The Complete Guide to Korean Thoughts and Culture 

Dr. Jeon, former professor of Yonsei University, put his articles together to show what a Korean scholar thinks of his own culture, and what he believes is important for the foreigner to know. It is a pleasure to see such a work presented to the English reading public, both in Korea and abroad. Both casual visitor and old hads will find this book useful to get a deeper view of Korea.

Chapter Ⅰ, The Lamp of the East

1 A Synopsis of Korean Culture
2 Altaic Language Family
3 Traditional Verse
4 Interrelationships in Chinese, Korea, and Japanese Literature
5 Tagore and Han Yong-woon

Chapter Ⅱ, Heritage of Korea

1 Spirit of Tangun
2 Nostalgia for Primitive Age
3 Old Custom of Renunciation
4 Origin of National Flag
5 Dragon: Divinity, Symbol, and Mystery
6 Shamanism with Rhythm
7 ‘Aufheben’ of Tempers
8 Totem Poles
9 Worship to Gods
10 Tojong’s Secret
11 Korean Thought, Wit, and Humor
12 Traveler to Heaven
13 Mask, Dance, and Dramas

Chapter Ⅲ, Wisdom of Korea

1 King Sejong and Hangeul
2 First Movable Type
3 Silla Observatory Space
4 Wisdom of Silla─Stone Buddha
5 Kanggang-Suwolle and the Turtle Boat
6 Old pagoda
7 Korean Pottery
8 Wooden Vessels
9 Ramie Clothes
10 Ondol─Heart of a Korean Home

Chapter Ⅳ, Elegance of Korea

1 Aesthetics of Parabola
2 Contrasted Colors of Tanchong
3 Elegance of Kaya
4 Korean Taste
5 Kimchi and Kimjang
6 Heart of Chunhyang
7 A Dream Dwelt in Chima─Jeogori
8 Pure Pinyo Bestows Chastity
9 Delicate Beauty

Chapter Ⅴ, Games & Festival

1 Flying Kites
2 Yut─Popular indoor game
3 Dano Festival
4 Mask
5 Mask Dance
6 Longing for a Fruitful Life
7 Sentiment of Moon Festival
8 Janggi and Baduk

Chapter Ⅵ, Folk Songs of Korea

1 Flavor of Sijo
2 Smile of Koreans
3 The Emotion of Resentment
4 Couples in Books
5 Folk Drawings
6 Kisaeng's Refinement
7 Romance in Folk Songs
8 The Love and Grief of Kyonu and Jiknyo


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