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Author: ASIA Publishers
Publisher: ASIA
Pub. Date: Mar 2015
Pages: 360
Cover: Paperback
Dimensions (in inches): 6.10 x 9.56 x 1
ISBN: 9771975350001
Language: English, Korean
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Editor’s Corner What Stories Are These Old Stones Telling Us?

Jeon Sung-tae


Special Focus: Siem Reap


History of Angkor

Cha Jang-sup


Four Myths Etched in Stone

Suh Kyu-sok


Angkor Wat: Walk in the Blood-Red Setting Sun

Hong Sung-sik


The Drowning Water Convolvulus and more

Tararith Kho|Cambodia


2014 International Contest for the Asian Creative Story Winner―<Children of the kingdom>

Shin Lee-hyeon and Kim Yeon-su




The Temperature of Solitude and more

Moon Chung-hee


You Are Not in Pain and more

Song Seung-eon


ASIA’s Author: Lim Chul-woo


How I Write

Lim Chul-woo


K-Fiction Cheon Myeong-kwan



Cheon Myeong-kwan


Writer’s Note

Cheon Myeong-kwan


A Bird’s-Eye View Engraved in Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Jung Eun-kyung


ASIA’s Fiction


Auspicious Occasion

Rohinton Mistry|India


A Counter Current

Vagif Sultanli|Azerbaijan


Shobon Saral

D. Natsagdorj|Mongolia


A Hundred Japans 2


Deer God

Kim Eung-kyo


The Sim Hoon Literary Award Winners


Steamed Crucian Carp Recipe

Lee Yong-jun


Book Reviews


Delhi, A Holy Woman Behind the Ugly Mask: Khushwant Singh, Delhi

Oh Soo-yeon


On Reading Kim Jae-young’s The Elephant: Kim Jae-young, The Elephant

Barry Welsh|Scotland




The Whole World for the People: The Spirit and Practice of Park Tae-joon

Lee Dae-hwan


Asia Correspondence


The Libya Conundrum

A. J. Thomas|India


Portrait of Japan After March 11

Kira Kanae|Japan



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