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Korea’s Historic Clans: Family Traditions of the Jongga (Korea Essentials No. 19)
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 9,800
USD 7.18
Author: Lee Yeonja, Kim Mira
Publisher: Seoul Selection
Pub. Date: Dec. 2014
Pages: 112
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 5.39 x 7.08 x 0.39
ISBN: 9788997639533
Language: English
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Also available as eBook at: Kindle Store (Amazon)


Chapter 1

Korean Family Names and the Meaning of Jongga 12

The History of Family Names | Confucianism and the Human Ideal in the

Joseon Dynasty | The Jongga and Confucianism

Chapter 2

The Four Rituals That Give People Lives of Dignity 26

Gwanrye, Coming-of-Age Ceremony: First of the Four Rituals |

Honrye, Traditional Wedding Ceremony: A Life Event to Be Treasured |

Sangrye, Traditional Funeral: Saying Goodbye to Parents Whose Duty Is

Done | Jerye, Ancestral Rites: Lifelong Responsibility of the Family Head

Chapter 3

Food Culture of the Jongga: From the Mouth to the Heart 48

The Role and Significance of Food in Jongga | Miryang Son Clan, Son Seongjeung

Jongga: Delicacies of the Richest Jongga in Gyeongsangnam-do |

Papyeong Yun Clan, Yun Jeung Jongga: First Prize in a National Jongga Food

Competition | Gyeongju Yi Clan, Yi Hang-bok Jongga: Soybean Paste Passed

Down for Five Hundred Years

Chapter 4

Jongtaek, the House That Generations Have Called Home 64

The Characteristic of a Jongtaek | Munhwa Ryu Clan Gonsangun Jongga:

Unjoru, One of the Three Most Propitious Sites in South Korea | Pungsan Ryu

Clan, Ryu Seong-ryong Jongga: Yangjindang and Chunghyodang | Wolseong

Son Clan, Sonso Jongga: A House That Prince Charles Admired


Chapter 5

Learning: The Teaching and Practice of Moral Principles 86

The Significance of Learning in Traditional Society | Education at the Jongga

| Gyeongju Choi Clan Saseonggong Jongga: Self-Discipline and Sympathy |

Daegu Seo Clan Seo Seong Jongga: Summoning the Courage to Seek Out

Opportunity | Goseong Yi Clan, Yi Myeong Jongga: Sacrificing Everything for the



Information 108

Delving Deeper

Separated from Her Husband by the Korean War,

She Still Took Care of the Jongga 24

Saving the Only Heir of the Six Martyred Ministers 46

Handing Down Knowledge Instead of Money 62

Jongga Where Children Are Raised to Be Courteous 84

Book Discription

A jongga is a family that can trace its line of progenitors back to a single distinguished ancestor. The eldest living son of this main lineage is the jongson, and his wife is the jongbu. This couple is charged with performing numerous ancestral rites and entertaining the numerous guests that

visit the jongga. Many families have preserved this tradition even through the turbulence of Korean modern history and the prevalence of nuclear family culture brought on by industrialization.

There is more to jongga culture than the bloodline alone. It is an emotional haven and a spiritual compass, providing an identity not only for the members of the family but for the Korean people as a whole. Reviewing the history of jongga culture and examining what it is today can teach a person things about the Korean spirit and culture that often elude the eye.


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