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Promoting Peace and Human Right on the Korean Peninsula
Price per Unit (piece): KRW 13,000
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Author: Park Kyung-seo
Publisher: Ewha Womans University Press
Pub. Date: Oct. 2012
Pages: 264
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 8.81 x 5.98 x 0.62
ISBN: 9788973007417
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Ⅰ. Globalization, Violence and Peace
1. Globalization, Violence and Peace (Toward for Reaceful Coexistence in North East Asia)
2. Resolutions of the 60th Anniversary of Korean Liberation and Division: A Discourse for Peaceful Korean Reunification
3. Peace on the Korean Peninsula and Human Rights in North Korea (Discourse for International Cooperation and the Settlement of Peace on the Korean Penisula)
4. Role of Governments: In Protecting Human Rights Defenders
5. Between War and Peace: Our Choice
6. Peace and Human Rights in the North-East Asia Region: The Role of Human Rights Defanders
Ⅱ. Peace Letters from Seoul
1. The Clean-up the Past and the Imperfect Exchange of the Practical Diplomacy: Facing the Resumption of the North Korea-Japan Diplomatic Relations
2. Election of Representatives of N.K. Supreme People's Assembly: Its Result and Natures
3. Controversy over Taiwan's Independence Move and Peace in Northeast Asia
4. How to Breakthrough a Cold-war on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia in 2004
5. North Korean Human Rights Situations and Peace on the Korean Peninsula
6. Origin of Conflict over the Diaoyu Islands and its Peaceful Resolution
7. Conflict over Dokdo: Exposed by Nationalistic Arguments
8. Passing Through Door to Cooperation: Outcomes and Task of the Third Round of Six-Party Talks
9. Meetings of Senior Military Officers of North-South Korea: Meanings and Tasks
10. Possibility of Improvement of North Korean Human Rights Act
11. Anti-North Korea Sentiment in Japan and its Implications
12. A Month after the North's Proclamation on its Nuclear Possession: A Time of Treacherous Communication
13. The UN Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in North Korea and the Genuine Promotion of Human Rights in North Korea
14. Dialogue in a Half a Century: Thawing Era for Taiwan and China?
15. In Pursuit of Win-Win Situation: Hope for the Forthcoming Six-Perty Talk
16. Postwar 60th Anniversary: Japan's Remorse and Progress in Inter-Korea Relations
17. Koizumi's Victory and the Future of Japan-North Korea Relations
18. An Outlook on the Fifth Round of the Six-Party Talks
19. U.S.-Japan Missile Defense Cooperation Regional Joint Security or Another Source of Conflict
20. Resuming DPRK-Japan Talks: Issues and Prospects
21. The Great Crux between DPRK and the US
22. Iran's Announcement of Uranium Enrichment and its Reflection on the DPRK
23. Significance on Train links on the Korean Peninsula and its Tasks
24. Sign of Test-Fire of the North's Ballistic Missile: Signal of Dialogue or Conflict?
25. Are North Korea and China Drifting Apart?
26. Rise of Abe and Japan's Diplomacy in Asia
27. Critics on the First Round of Six-Party Talks and Prospect on the Next Round
28. A Way to Abolish North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program and Denuclearize Northeast Asia
29. China's Anti-satellite Test and the Possible Military Competition in the Outer Space
30. Premier Abe's Dilemma: The Latest Progress in the Six-Party Talk and Abductee Issues

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