• A Brief Walk through the History of Daehangno

    A Brief Walk through the History of Daehangno

    From quintessential college street to core cultural quarter

  • KakaoTalk Talks

    KakaoTalk Talks

    SEOUL sits down with Kakao representative director Lee Sirgoo to discuss the startup’s dramatic success

  • Kiln Time in Icheon

    Kiln Time in Icheon

    Ji Chang-oh sits at his potter’s wheel, a great lump of clay before him. The wheel begins to spin, Ji’s hands begin their magic and the formless lump of clay begins its miraculous transformation. Barely 60 seconds later, the clay is a bulbous vase. The ever-smiling Ji brags, “Koreans show great concentration. Korean potters produce works in just two minutes.

  • Spring on Seoul’s ‘Useless Island’

    Spring on Seoul’s ‘Useless Island’

    Yeouido is a no-nonsense place. This area of ostensibly sensible skyscrapers is where investment bankers come to investment bank, broadcasters come to broadcast and politicians come to politicize. In winter, the biting winds that race along the Hangang River can make the wide boulevards of the almond-shaped island feel bleak. The northwestern tip of Yeouido, however, is fringed with cherry

  • Seoul Sub>urban: Seoul Station

    Seoul Sub>urban: Seoul Station

    A gateway to getaways, a new cultural hotspot, and a park commemorating one of Korea’s greatest athletes

  • Interview: Yoo Ha

    Interview: Yoo Ha

    Getting a wolfdog: no easy task For directors, working with children and animals can be difficult, doubly so with a beast like the wolfdog, which is not easily trained. In Korea, the task was compounded by the difficulties of simply acquiring the animal in question. Recounts Yoo, “The hardest thing was acquiring a wolfdog. Just raising one in Korea is

  • Tongyeong


    Meeting spring early in the 'Naples of Korea'

  • Bukchon


    Losing yourself in the charm of old Korea

  • Gambling on High1

    Gambling on High1

    Snow-covered slopes and hours of skiing lie just a few hours east of Seoul

  • 2012-2: A Mall Odyssey

    2012-2: A Mall Odyssey

    Getting lost in Seoul’s mega-temples of consumerism


Other News

Robert Koehler / February 1, 2013 1:10 am

SEOUL Weekly: Patti Smith in Seoul

Jan 29, 2013 / Issue No. 565 Patti Smith in Seoul Goddess of Punk comes to Korea The Goddess of Punk comes to Korea for the first time ever. The Chicago-born artist first gained attention in the 1970s when her creative combination of poet lyrics fused with rock lit the musical world alight. In 2011, she was even listed in

Robert Koehler / January 30, 2013 1:29 am

Walk with the Stars

Walk with the Stars concert held at Olympic Park. Photo by Arnab Sen

Robert Koehler / January 24, 2013 1:09 am

Jan 23, 2013, Issue No. 564

Jan 23, 2013 / Issue No. 564 SEOUL February Edition Yeouido, Jeju-do, and More Sure, the weather today might be dreary, but take heart—the February issue of SEOUL is out in a bookstore near you! In this issue of SEOUL, we explore Yeouido’s 63 Building and new IFC, visit Jeju-do for the Daeboreum Fire Festival, talk with Korean model Sung

Robert Koehler / January 23, 2013 7:00 am

Inspirational sunrise

Sunrise atop Mt. Taebaeksan. Photo by Robert Koehler

Robert Koehler / January 21, 2013 1:48 am

Jan 17, 2013, Issue No. 563

Jan 17, 2013 / Issue No. 563 Catholic University of Korea’s Hallyu Graduate School Become an expert on Korean culture The Catholic University of Korea’s Hallyu Graduate School provides a basic intellectual platform for understanding Korean Wave culture and cultural industries through practical hands-on research, as well as for planning and producing a creative Korean Wave culture to lead the

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